Fixtures 2020

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Wed22-AprBegbrook GreenHome14:305Mixed Friendly
Wed29-AprClevedonHome18:155C & D League
Fri01-MayFenitonAway14:005Mixed Friendly
Fri01-MayOttery St MaryAway14:005Mixed Friendly
Sat02-MaySidmouthAway14:0010Mixed Friendly
Sun03-MayBitton Park, TeignmouthAway14:005Mixed Friendly
Sun03-MayDen, TeignmouthAway14:005Mixed Friendly
Mon04-MayMadeiraAway14:0010Mixed Friendly
Tue05-MayLong AshtonHome10:306C & D Triples
Wed06-MayLong AshtonHome18:155C & D League
Sat09-MayIlminster AHome14:303RBLA Premier 1
Sat09-MayMark MoorHome14:303RBLB North 2
Sat09-MayVictoria CAway14:303RBLC North 3
Mon11-MayPenarth Windsor (Tour)Home14:307Mixed Friendly
Tue12-MaySt Andrew’sHome14:306WSM Triples
Wed13-MayClevedon PromenadeHome18:155C & D League
Fri15-MayNailseaAway14:306C & D Triples
Sat16-MayTaunton AAway14:303RBLA Premier 1
Sat16-MayVictoria BAway14:303RBLB North 2
Sat16-MayIsle of Wedmore CHome14:303RBLC North 3
Sun17-MayPage ParkHome14:304Mixed Friendly
Tue19-MayIsle of WedmoreHome10:306C & D Triples
Thu21-MayBanwellHome14:306WSM Triples
Fri22-MayCongresburyAway18:155C & D League
Sat23-MayBristol AAway14:303RBLA Premier 1
Sat23-MayNailsea BHome14:303RBLB North 2
Sat23-MayChew Stoke BHome14:303RBLC North 3
Mon25-MayArdaghHome14:305Mixed Friendly
Tue26-MayChew StokeHome10:306C & D Triples
Wed27-MayNailseaHome18:155C & D League
Tue02-JunAvon & Somerset PoliceHome14:304Mixed Friendly
Wed03-JunChew StokeAway18:155C & D League
Thu04-JunWest BackwellAway14:306C & D Triples
Fri05-JunBurnham-on-SeaAway14:306WSM KO Cup
Tue09-JunWinscombeAway14:306WSM Triples
Wed10-JunWest BackwellAway18:155C & D League
Thu11-JunClarence BluesAway14:306WSM Triples
Fri12-JunClevedonHome10:305C & D Triples
Mon15-JunSt Andrew’sAway18:154Four Dimension
Tue16-JunBurnham-on-SeaAway10:306WSM Triples
Wed17-JunClevedonHome18:155C & D League
Thu18-JunPortisheadAway10:306C & D Triples
Fri19-JunWest BackwellAway18:155North. Som. Cup
Sat20-JunCanfordAway14:305Mixed Friendly
Sun21-JunPort of BristolHome14:304Mixed Friendly
Mon22-JunCongresburyAway10:306C & D Triples
Tue23-JunClevedon PromenadeAway10:306WSM Triples
Wed24-JunLong AshtonAway18:155C & D League
Thu25-JunWest BackwellAway14:306C&D Triples Cup
Sat27-JunIlminster BHome14:303RBLA Premier 1
Sat27-JunIsle of Wedmore BAway14:303RBLB North 2
Sat27-JunBurnham-on-Sea BAway14:303RBLC North 3
Sun28-JunHenleazeAway14:304Mixed Friendly
Mon29-JunClydach (Tour)Home13:3010Mixed Friendly
Tue30-JunClevedon PromenadeHome10:306C & D Triples
Tue30-JunWringtonAway18:154Turnbull Cup
Wed01-JulClevedon PromenadeAway18:155C & D League
Fri03-JulBurnham-on-SeaHome14:306WSM Triples
Sat04-JulBath AAway14:303RBLA Premier 1
Sat04-JulCongresbury BAway14:303RBLB North 2
Sat04-JulClevedon Prom CHome14:303RBLC North 3
Sun05-JulPage ParkAway14:304Mixed Friendly
Tue07-JulLong AshtonAway10:306C & D Triples
Wed08-JulSevern ValeAway14:304Mixed Friendly
Wed08-JulCongresburyHome18:155C & D League
Thu09-JulYattonHome14:306WSM Triples
Sat11-JulPurnell AHome14:303RBLA Premier 1
Sat11-JulAshcombe AHome14:303RBLB North 2
Sat11-JulYatton BAway14:303RBLC North 3
Wed15-JulNailseaAway18:155C & D League
Thu16-JulNailseaHome14:306C & D Triples
Sat18-JulTaunton Deane AHome14:303RBLA Premier 1
Sat18-JulClarence BHome14:303RBLB North 2
Sun19-JulBurnham-on-SeaAway14:305Mixed Friendly
Wed22-JulChew StokeHome18:155C & D League
Thu23-JulIsle of WedmoreAway10:306C & D Triples
Sat25-JulWatchet AHome14:303RBLA Premier 1
Sat25-JulAshcombe BAway14:303RBLB North 2
Sat25-JulPortishead BAway14:303RBLC North 3
Mon27-JulChew StokeAway10:306C & D Triples
Wed29-JulWest BackwellHome18:155C & D League
Fri31-JulYattonAway14:306WSM Triples
Sat01-AugStreet AAway14:303RBLA Premier 1
Sat01-AugClevedon Prom BAway14:303RBLB North 2
Sat01-AugAshcombe CHome14:303RBLC North 3
Sun02-AugWringtonAway14:304Mixed Friendly
Tue04-AugSt Andrew’s, W-s-MAway14:306WSM Triples
Wed05-AugSevern ValeHome14:304Mixed Friendly
Thu06-AugWinscombeHome14:306WSM Triples
Sat08-AugBristol CHome14:303RBLC North 3
Mon10-AugThree Mile Cross, Reading (Tour)Home13:0012Mixed Friendly
Tue11-AugWest BackwellHome14:306C & D Triples
Wed12-AugHost – Isle of Wedmore18:155C & D Charity
Thu13-AugVictoria SaxonsHome10:306WSM Triples
Sat15-AugWilmott ParkHome14:303RBLA Premier 1
Sat15-AugWinscombe BHome14:303RBLB North 2
Sat15-AugWringtonAway14:303RBLC North 3
Sun16-AugHenleazeHome14:304Mixed Friendly
Tue18-AugClevedon PromenadeHome10:306WSM Triples
Wed19-AugClevedonAway14:305C & D Triples
Thu20-AugVictoria SaxonsAway14:306WSM Triples
Sat22-AugClevedon AAway14:303RBLA Premier 1
Sat22-AugSt Andrews BAway14:303RBLB North 2
Tue25-AugPortisheadHome10:306C & D Triples
Thu27-AugClarence BluesHome14:306WSM Triples
Mon31-AugArdaghAway14:305Mixed Friendly
Thu03-SepCongresburyHome14:306C & D Triples
Fri04-SepBanwellAway14:306WSM Triples
Mon07-SepNewport Over 60s (Tour)Home14:006Mixed Friendly
Tue08-SepClevedon PromenadeAway10:306C & D Triples
Tue15-SepNew Milton, Hants (Tour)Home14:006Mixed Friendly
Wed16-SepVictoria ParkAway14:304Mixed Friendly