Portishead RBL Bowls Club

Competition Winners

To find out which competitions an individual member  has won, type that members name in the search box. As an example type S Secker in the search box this will give a list of all competitions Steve has won, this can be done for any member.  Clicking on the Competition heading will list all competitions in alphabetical order.
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2019S SeckerPresidents Cup
2019K ChaneyJubilee Cup
2019S SeckerKilkenny Cup
2019J BridleFixed Jack
2019J BridleTwo Wood Non-Handicap
2019S SeckerGordano Trophy
2019A LongdonNovices
2019M RobertsFormidable
2019D Vowles – D Everett (M Langley)A Ferriman Cup
2019L Tassell – M Roberts – D GregoryBritish Legion Cup
2019N RogersHardwick Cup
2018S SeckerPresidents Cup
2018S SeckerJubilee Cup
2018S SeckerKilkenny Cup
2018J BridleFixed Jack
2018S SeckerTwo Wood Non-Handicap
2018D GregoryGordano Trophy
2018D VowlesNovices
2018R WhiteFormidable
2018P Higgs – J BridleA Ferriman Cup
2018R White – A Strong – S SeckerBritish Legion Cup
2017S SeckerPresidents Cup
2017D GregoryJubilee Cup
2017S SeckerKilkenny Cup
2017S SeckerFixed Jack
2017D GrovesTwo Wood Non-Handicap
2017D GrovesGordano Trophy
2017B NormanNovices
2017D PerryFormidable
2017A Wellings – D IlesA Ferriman Cup
2017D Vowles – G Chidzey – D GrovesBritish Legion Cup
2016D YeatesPresidents Cup
2016D GrovesJubilee Cup
2016R WitheyKilkenny Cup
2016D GregoryFixed Jack
2016R WitheyTwo Wood Non-Handicap
2016D GrovesGordano Trophy
2016A StanilandFormidable
2016J Shaddick – T WinmillA Ferriman Cup
2016T Eden – J Dumble – T WinmillBritish Legion Cup
2015A HoylesPresidents Cup
2015D GrovesJubilee Cup
2015T BarnesKilkenny Cup
2015A HoylesFixed Jack
2015D GrovesTwo Wood Non-Handicap
2015D GrovesGordano Trophy
2015N RogersNovices
2015J DaviesFormidable
2015D Perry – T WinmillA Ferriman Cup
2015D Welsh – N Castleton – T WinmillBritish Legion Cup
2015D GregoryHardwick Cup
2014S SeckerPresidents Cup
2014T BarnesJubilee Cup
2014T BarnesKilkenny Cup
2014D GrovesFixed Jack
2014D GrovesTwo Wood Non-Handicap
2014T BarnesGordano Trophy
2014T EdenNovices
2014N RogersFormidable
2014S Secker – N RogersA Ferriman Cup
2014A Gray – T Winmill – C PearceBritish Legion Cup
2014S SeckerHardwick Cup
2013D YeatesPresidents Cup
2013D YeatesJubilee Cup
2013M ChiversKilkenny Cup
2013T BarnesFixed Jack
2013M ChiversGordano Trophy
2013T WinmillNovices
2013D WelshFormidable
2013N Castelton – D GregoryA Ferriman Cup
2013K Hoyles – L Slatter – T WinmillBritish Legion Cup
2012D GregoryPresidents Cup
2012T BarnesJubilee Cup
2012S SeckerKilkenny Cup
2012T BarnesFixed Jack
2012T BarnesGordano Trophy
2012R WitheyNovices
2012D WelshFormidable
2012A Thomas – S SeckerA Ferriman Cup
2012A Gwynn – L Slatter – K MartinBritish Legion Cup
2011D GregoryPresidents Cup
2011D YeatesJubilee Cup
2011D YeatesKilkenny Cup
2011D GrovesFixed Jack
2011T BarnesGordano Trophy
2011J DumbleNovices
2011B FootmanFormidable
2011T Birth – D GregoryA Ferriman Cup
2011M Hook – N Rogers – S SeckerBritish Legion Cup
2010I ChapmanPresidents Cup
2010A WrightJubilee Cup
2010A HoylesKilkenny Cup
2010S SeckerFixed Jack
2010D GrovesGordano Trophy
2010A HoylesNovices
2010N RogersFormidable
2010D Vowles – I ChapmanA Ferriman Cup
2010P Davies – R Wilkinson – I ChapmanBritish Legion Cup
2010S SeckerHardwick Cup
2009J BridlePresidents Cup
2009D GregoryJubilee Cup
2009S SeckerKilkenny Cup
2009S SeckerFixed Jack
2009D GregoryGordano Trophy
2009I GoughNovices
2009P DudleyFormidable
2009J Ashwin – D GrovesA Ferriman Cup
2009P Dudley – M Woollatt – D GrovesBritish Legion Cup
2009K HoylesHardwick Cup
2008S SeckerPresidents Cup
2008S SeckerJubilee Cup
2008S SeckerKilkenny Cup
2008T BarnesFixed Jack
2008T BarnesGordano Trophy
2008K HoylesNovices
2008K MartinFormidable
2008M Hook – S SeckerA Ferriman Cup
2008D Vowles – J Nichols – R WilkinsonBritish Legion Cup
2008A GwynnHardwick Cup
2007D YeatesPresidents Cup
2007T BarnesJubilee Cup
2007T BarnesKilkenny Cup
2007T BarnesFixed Jack
2007T BarnesGordano Trophy
2007K MartinNovices
2007C FryFormidable
2007L Slatter – P HusseyA Ferriman Cup
2007C Cant – K Martin – D GrovesBritish Legion Cup
2006T BarnesPresidents Cup
2006D GrovesJubilee Cup
2006D GregoryKilkenny Cup
2006D YeatesFixed Jack
2006P DaviesGordano Trophy
2006A StrongNovices
2006R WitheyFormidable
2006A Smith – J BridleA Ferriman Cup
2006G Howell – C Cant – D CrawshawBritish Legion Cup
2006D GrovesHardwick Cup
2005R YeomanPresidents Cup
2005A SpencerJubilee Cup
2005D YeatesKilkenny Cup
2005T BarnesFixed Jack
2005J BridleGordano Trophy
2005A SpencerNovices
2005R WitheyFormidable
2005A Smith – A SpencerA Ferriman Cup
2005A Smith – R Wilkinson – K ExcellBritish Legion Cup
2005R WilkinsonHardwick Cup
2004N YeomanPresidents Cup
2004R YeomanJubilee Cup
2004T BarnesKilkenny Cup
2004T BarnesFixed Jack
2004D GrovesGordano Trophy
2004C NuttNovices
2004B NormanFormidable
2004D Howells – D IlesA Ferriman Cup
2004D Howells – R Wells – B HollowayBritish Legion Cup
2004N CastletonHardwick Cup
2003D YeatesPresidents Cup
2003D CrawshawJubilee Cup
2003D CrawshawKilkenny Cup
2003T BarnesFixed Jack
2003D GregoryGordano Trophy
2003P DaviesNovices
2003C MarshallFormidable
2003D Howells – D GrovesA Ferriman Cup
2003N Luxton – R Wells – D YeatesBritish Legion Cup
2003B DowlingHardwick Cup
2002T BarnesPresidents Cup
2002N CastletonJubilee Cup
2002N YeomanKilkenny Cup
2002D YeatesFixed Jack
2002D GregoryGordano Trophy
2002C FoxNovices
2002B NormanFormidable
2002J Prince – T BarnesA Ferriman Cup
2002T Holden – J Nichols – P AtwellBritish Legion Cup
2002W Cridland, D YeatesHardwick Cup
2001A BissPresidents Cup
2001N YeomanJubilee Cup
2001T BarnesKilkenny Cup
2001T BarnesFixed Jack
2001K LaneGordano Trophy
2001G ClarkNovices
2001D IlesFormidable
2001R Stone – D GregoryA Ferriman Cup
2001R Wells – G Clark – T BarnesBritish Legion Cup
2001W Herrity, A StrongHardwick Cup
2000T BarnesPresidents Cup
2000T BarnesJubilee Cup
2000A BissKilkenny Cup
2000T BarnesFixed Jack
2000T BarnesGordano Trophy
2000N YeomanNovices
2000T HoldenFormidable
2000N Luxton – T BarnesA Ferriman Cup
2000A Spencer – D Crawshaw – N YeomanBritish Legion Cup
2000D GregoryHardwick Cup
1999T BarnesPresidents Cup
1999D WalburtonJubilee Cup
1999T BarnesKilkenny Cup
1999T BarnesFixed Jack
1999G ThomasGordano Trophy
1999D GrovesNovices
1999P DudleyFormidable
1999G Clark – C SaundersA Ferriman Cup
1999B Norman – C Marshall – A SoutheyBritish Legion Cup
1999R YeomanHardwick Cup
1998G ThomasPresidents Cup
1998D GregoryJubilee Cup
1998D GregoryKilkenny Cup
1998A BissFixed Jack
1998W CridlandGordano Trophy
1998C SaundersNovices
1998J BridleFormidable
1998I Muntz – P HusseyA Ferriman Cup
1998C Marshall – D Groves – T BarnesBritish Legion Cup
1998I Muntz, R YeomanHardwick Cup
1997G ThomasPresidents Cup
1997J BridleJubilee Cup
1997T BarnesKilkenny Cup
1997G ThomasFixed Jack
1997G ThomasGordano Trophy
1997K WilliamsNovices
1997D SulleyFormidable
1997A Bracey – D GregoryA Ferriman Cup
1997A Bracey – F Berry – T BarnesBritish Legion Cup
1997J GoaterHardwick Cup
1996N PearcePresidents Cup
1996T BarnesJubilee Cup
1996R ChorleyKilkenny Cup
1996G ThomasFixed Jack
1996W CridlandGordano Trophy
1996T BarnesNovices
1996A ParkinFormidable
1996B Andrews – P HusseyA Ferriman Cup
1996C Marshall – D Sulley – J JoslinBritish Legion Cup
1996C Saunders, T BarnesHardwick Cup
1995R StonePresidents Cup
1995D GregoryJubilee Cup
1995J BridleKilkenny Cup
1995D GregoryFixed Jack
1995G ThomasGordano Trophy
1995N PearceNovices
1995J BridleFormidable
1995M Trump – A SoutheyA Ferriman Cup
1995B Andrews – R Lee – A StrongBritish Legion Cup
1995A Biss, B DalyHardwick Cup
1994G ThomasPresidents Cup
1994J JoslinJubilee Cup
1994G ThomasKilkenny Cup
1994G ThomasFixed Jack
1994R LeeGordano Trophy
1994D CrawshawNovices
1994D SulleyFormidable
1994M Pearce – A StrongA Ferriman Cup
1994I Muntz – C Kitchen – G ThomasBritish Legion Cup
1994K Lane, B PocockHardwick Cup
1993K LanePresidents Cup
1993B DalyJubilee Cup
1993A BissKilkenny Cup
1993D GregoryFixed Jack
1993W CridlandGordano Trophy
1993R YeomanNovices
1993T BarnesFormidable
1993G Sheppard – J JoslinA Ferriman Cup
1993D Luxton – D Walburton – A SoutheyBritish Legion Cup
1993K Lane, B PocockHardwick Cup
1992R BroadPresidents Cup
1992K ExcellJubilee Cup
1992J NicholsKilkenny Cup
1992K LaneFixed Jack
1992W CridlandGordano Trophy
1992J MannNovices
1992B WarneFormidable
1992N Pearce – C PearceA Ferriman Cup
1992M Trump – J Mann – R BroadBritish Legion Cup
1992K Lane, B PocockHardwick Cup
1991A BissPresidents Cup
1991A BissJubilee Cup
1991D HaighKilkenny Cup
1991E ThomasFixed Jack
1991R ChorleyGordano Trophy
1991C PearceNovices
1991J BridleFormidable
1991K Lane – J GoaterA Ferriman Cup
1991W Dellacasa – R Ferriman – W CridlandBritish Legion Cup
1991K Lane, B PocockHardwick Cup
1990D GregoryPresidents Cup
1990D GregoryJubilee Cup
1990D GregoryKilkenny Cup
1990D GregoryFixed Jack
1990R ChorleyGordano Trophy
1990R WilkinsonNovices
1990T EvansFormidable
1990A Pearce – M EdwardsA Ferriman Cup
1990L Hemmings – R Chorley – M JordanBritish Legion Cup
1990M Edwards, A PearceHardwick Cup
1989D GregoryPresidents Cup
1989M GoddardJubilee Cup
1989D GregoryKilkenny Cup
1989F ChapmanFixed Jack
1989V BissGordano Trophy
1989A PearceNovices
1989D GregoryFormidable
1989J Bridle – R KingA Ferriman Cup
1989K Lane – D Lawrence – J SaundersBritish Legion Cup
1989G Manning, M StanleyHardwick Cup
1988J JoslinPresidents Cup
1988B PocockJubilee Cup
1988D GregoryKilkenny Cup
1988E ThomasFixed Jack
1988G RoulstoneGordano Trophy
1988B PocockNovices
1988D GregoryFormidable
1988A Keedwell – C PearceA Ferriman Cup
1988G Cosnett – A Southey – K ExcellBritish Legion Cup
1988K Lane, W CridlandHardwick Cup
1987P HusseyPresidents Cup
1987M EdwardsJubilee Cup
1987A BissKilkenny Cup
1987D GregoryFixed Jack
1987T ElliotGordano Trophy
1987R ChorleyNovices
1987D WelshFormidable
1987A Pearce – J JoslinA Ferriman Cup
1987T Elliot – R King – P HusseyBritish Legion Cup
1987H Markell, M StanleyHardwick Cup
1986D GregoryPresidents Cup
1986M StanleyJubilee Cup
1986M EdwardsKilkenny Cup
1986D GregoryFixed Jack
1986L HemmingsGordano Trophy
1986R KingNovices
1986R KingFormidable
1986K Lane – R CridlandA Ferriman Cup
1986P Thomas – B Pocock – M StanleyBritish Legion Cup
1986K Lane, J JoslinHardwick Cup
1985M StanleyPresidents Cup
1985D HaighJubilee Cup
1985R LeeKilkenny Cup
1985D GregoryFixed Jack
1985L HemmingsGordano Trophy
1985J NashNovices
1985C RichardsFormidable
1985E Thomas – N DaviesA Ferriman Cup
1985M Trump – R Ferriman – M JordanBritish Legion Cup
1985N Davies, A StrongHardwick Cup
1984D GregoryPresidents Cup
1984M StanleyJubilee Cup
1984M EdwardsKilkenny Cup
1984W CridlandFixed Jack
1984H MitchellGordano Trophy
1984J ClarksonNovices
1984D GregoryFormidable
1984D Lawrence – T EvansA Ferriman Cup
1984R Ferriman – D Lawrence – D HaighBritish Legion Cup
1984R Fowler, D GregoryHardwick Cup
1984M StanleyPresidents Cup
1983L HemmingsJubilee Cup
1983M StanleyKilkenny Cup
1983H MitchellGordano Trophy
1983W CridlandNovices
1983W CridlandFormidable
1983T Evans – B PocockA Ferriman Cup
1983V Biss – L Hemmings – R LeeBritish Legion Cup
1983M Edwards, N DaviesHardwick Cup
1982D HaighPresidents Cup
1982F ChapmanJubilee Cup
1982D GregoryKilkenny Cup
1982C RichardsGordano Trophy
1982T EvansNovices
1982M StanleyFormidable
1982K Hardwick – D GregoryA Ferriman Cup
1982B Moore – B Pocock – J JoslinBritish Legion Cup
1982N Davies, G ManningHardwick Cup
1981D GregoryPresidents Cup
1981D GregoryJubilee Cup
1981D HaighKilkenny Cup
1981C RichardsGordano Trophy
1981R LeeNovices
1981D GregoryFormidable
1981D Lawrence – K ExcellA Ferriman Cup
1981M Edwards – R Ferriman – D GregoryBritish Legion Cup
1980D GregoryPresidents Cup
1980P HusseyJubilee Cup
1980J LawrenceKilkenny Cup
1980K DilleyNovices
1980V BissFormidable
1980K Hardwick – D GregoryA Ferriman Cup
1980T Elliot – A Strong – B ReesBritish Legion Cup
1980F Chapman, R PearceHardwick Cup
1979D GregoryPresidents Cup
1979R FlowerJubilee Cup
1979N DaviesKilkenny Cup
1979N DaviesFormidable
1979A Campbell – R FowlerA Ferriman Cup
1979A Strong – N Davies – T ElliotBritish Legion Cup
1979R fowler, D GregoryHardwick Cup
1978J JoslinPresidents Cup
1978J AveryJubilee Cup
1978M JordanKilkenny Cup
1978T ElliotFormidable
1978C Kitchen – D GregoryA Ferriman Cup
1978G Manning – T Evans – J LawrenceBritish Legion Cup
1978J Avery, A GibsonHardwick Cup
1977R PearcePresidents Cup
1977M LeachJubilee Cup
1977E CookKilkenny Cup
1977D GregoryFormidable
1977K Dilley – J JoslinA Ferriman Cup
1977T Evans – C Atherton – R FerrimanBritish Legion Cup
1977R Ferriman, J LawrenceHardwick Cup
1976D GregoryPresidents Cup
1976J JoslinJubilee Cup
1976M LeachKilkenny Cup
1976D GregoryFormidable
1976C Pearce – R PearceA Ferriman Cup
1976M Leach – D Williams – F ChapmanBritish Legion Cup
1975R FowlerPresidents Cup
1975L AdamsJubilee Cup
1975F ChapmanKilkenny Cup
1975D GregoryFormidable
1975A Ferriman – R PearceA Ferriman Cup
1975C Richards – R Lee – D GregoryBritish Legion Cup
1974D GregoryPresidents Cup
1974M CareyJubilee Cup
1974R PearceKilkenny Cup
1974D GregoryFormidable
1974K Hardwick – J JoslinA Ferriman Cup
1974A Gibson – C Cant – F ChapmanBritish Legion Cup
1973J JoslinPresidents Cup
1973R FerrimanJubilee Cup
1973S ChuggFormidable
1973A Yeoman – S ChuggA Ferriman Cup
1973M Carey – C Osment – R FerrimanBritish Legion Cup
1972D GregoryPresidents Cup
1972R PearceJubilee Cup
1972M CareyKilkenny Cup
1972A Thomas – J JoslinA Ferriman Cup
1972M Jordan – A Strong – A PineBritish Legion Cup
1971J JoslinPresidents Cup
1971J JoslinJubilee Cup
1971J AveryKilkenny Cup
1971R Lee – A PineA Ferriman Cup
1971H Mitchell – A Ferriman – A YeomanBritish Legion Cup
1970K ExcellPresidents Cup
1970E Spilling – M jordanA Ferriman Cup
1970M Jordan – K Excell – J JoslinBritish Legion Cup
1969A YeomanPresidents Cup
1969M Carey – J joslinA Ferriman Cup
1969A Philpott – R Cook – M SmithBritish Legion Cup
1968J JoslinPresidents Cup
1968S Waite- J SaundersA Ferriman Cup
1968S Waite – T Savin – W GayleBritish Legion Cup